View Full Version : Linhof Tech III spring back?

Jack Fisher
20-Jan-2007, 20:01
I have a 4X5 Linhof Tech III Model 5. The body is similar to the Tech IV, except for the rails. My problem is the back. It has the spring loaded sliders to mount the ground glass, but ordinary, standard 4X5 film holders are too narrow to fit, and have a ridge instead of a slot. I have found that the older, wider "Graflex" 4X5 holders fit, and lock in place. However, it is a pain to remove the ground glass every time I want to mount a film holder. ...and the "Graflex" holders are quite scarce. I have heard that the "international" spring back from a Tech IV will fit the Tech III. Any suggestions on how to get a working spring back or Graflok back for my Tech III are more than welcome.
Thanks in advance!


Bob Salomon
20-Jan-2007, 20:28
No parts are available for a III. That would include parts from a IV or later fitting a III.

Your camera not only has a different back and different rails it also has a different lens standard, different front tilts and other differences. That is why it is a III and not a IV.

Brian Ellis
20-Jan-2007, 20:48
See my response to your message on the photo.net LF forum.