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Thierry Schreiner
20-Jan-2007, 07:44
Hi to all,

Can someone out there help me to understand what the difference is between a Rodenstock Grandagon and a Grandagon-N?

Apparently same lenses are available as:

- Grandagon single coated,
- Grandagon MC (multicoated). The difference here seems obvious.

and as

- Grandagon-N MC (multicoated).

Is there a real optical difference between a Grandagon MC and a Grandagon-N MC, or is there something else that I miss?

If there is a difference, which of the 2 designs is the best?

Thank's a lot in advance for your contribution and best regards from the old continent.


Bob Salomon
20-Jan-2007, 18:31
Anything older then the Grandagon N is different internally and in construction, centering, grinding, coatings, etc.

The latest is the N and it will out perform the others. By how much? Depends on how old the lenses are.

21-Jan-2007, 20:08
I can't tell you about the differences, but unless it's just a matter of ebay sellers forgetting to name the lens properly, the Grandagon-N is the current one (and presumably the best, albeit in what respects I do not know).

You can also get Grandagon-N MC lenses under the Caltar name. Caltar-II N 75, and Caltar-II N 90's are Grandagon-N's (multicoated). My 90 f/6.8 caltar is great.

Oren Grad
21-Jan-2007, 20:11
The Caltar II-N's have been offered over a long period. Early ones are Grandagons and Sironar-N's, later ones are Grandagon-N's and Apo-Sironar-N's.

Thierry Schreiner
26-Jan-2007, 05:50
Thank's a lot to all of you for your input.

Best regards