View Full Version : pre 1904 Dagor Quick Question

Sven Schroder
20-Jan-2007, 04:42
Hi all

Just a quick one, arrived this morning and inscribed series III no6 F=300m/m etc..(dopple anastigmat not Dagor) the insrciption is around the outside of one of the cells, but the inscribed cell was at the rear? I would guess someone swithched the cells around? I've switched them back to there logical positions. So does anyone know which way round they go? It Came with a large brass lens hood and someone has marked 10x8 on the aperture scale between 16 and 22 so it looks like it has been used in a studio.
So inscription at the front or Rear?

Paul Fitzgerald
20-Jan-2007, 08:35
Hi Sven,

Inscription to the front, I have the same lens #886xx. Nice look to it.

Have fun with it.

Sven Schroder
21-Jan-2007, 02:33
Hi Paul
Thanks for the confirmation, it seems to have been back to front for some time, the cell at the rear was easy to unscrew where as the front need help (rubber jar opener).
Thanks again