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19-Jan-2007, 19:00
I have Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar lens cells with a SN of 385893. I'm trying to determine what type/make of shutter this may have been in, and any measurements, thread size, pitch, etc. etc. that may be available. The only thing I can guess is that a 6 digit number places it early in the century.

1:6,3 f=25cm.

Thanks in advance.


Kirk Fry
19-Jan-2007, 21:40
I have a 210mm Zeiss Tessar in a Compur dial set of that vintage. Steve Grimes was able to make the shutter work well. Unfortunately, shutters were not standardized in this time frame. The sizes were kind of custom made for each manufacturer. You might get lucky and find one on an old broken lens. Adapters for modern shutters can be made but by that time it gets cheaper to buy a modern lens. Contact Tim at lensn2shutter.com/shutters.html for specific information. Since it is no longer in a shutter the cell spacing will also be unknown.

Eirik Berger
20-Jan-2007, 02:38
I once had a Prontor Press no. 5 shutter laying around, I asked on different forums what lenses were used on this shutter. If I dont rememeber it wrong, the answer I got were Carl Zeiss Jena 300mm. Not the same lens I know, but maybe same brand/range of shutters were used.

Eirik Berger
20-Jan-2007, 02:46
Sorry, it is too early in the morning for me...
It was not a "Prontor press" but a "Prestor"


Arne Croell
20-Jan-2007, 04:54
THe Prestor shutter line was used by Carl Zeiss Jena, but by the GDR version of the company. They were in production in the 1960's, and their measures are different from both the standard western sizes at the time and the pre-WWII shutter sizes. George's lens is from some time in the 1920's, so we're talking 40 years time difference.
As Kirk mentioned, shutter sizes were more variable then, by maker. It could even have come in a barrel, as the older standard barrel mount by Zeiss used cells that screwed into the barrel (but with different threads than the shutter versions). It would be possible to measure the threads and machine an adapter, but the real problem is the spacing, as mentioned before. You would need a similar lens with the same cells in its shutter or barrel configuration to measure it.

Chauncey Walden
21-Jan-2007, 14:05
George, I have one that, while not Zeiss, was made under license and has been remounted in a Betax #3. As for the spacing, as near as I can measure outside front to outside back is 40.4mm glass to glass (highpoint front to highpoint back.) Hope this helps.

29-Jan-2007, 08:14
Thanks to all for the suggestions. Lens mounting is usually in the $300 range, so these cells may become beloved curios and/or attic stuffing.


C. D. Keth
29-Jan-2007, 08:29
Or sell it here. Someone, myself possibly included, may be interested in making it fit a shutter themselves.

29-Jan-2007, 08:34
I'd be interested in the cells, but I'm sure someone else here would offer you a better price than I can afford :)