View Full Version : Older Schneider lens question

Randy Toole
19-Jan-2007, 11:34
Do the older Schneider lens take the universal size cable releases? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

19-Jan-2007, 11:36
All mine do.


Randy Toole
19-Jan-2007, 11:39
Thanks Ian. I have an older 135 mm Schneider on order which doesn't have the open and close button so I am going to have lock my cable release to keep lens open and that would be rather hard if the threads didn't fit the camera / cable connection.

19-Jan-2007, 11:56
Check the shutter Randy.

Older Compur's often have a little button which if you push and hold then release the cocked shutter allow you to preview the image. It's not the same as the later preview buttons.

Having said that the shutter on my 65mm SA doesn't and it's a pain to set to B to focus and preview.


Randy Toole
19-Jan-2007, 13:23
Ian- Are you referring to the self timer button? Is that method of holding open the lens mechanically safe for the lens?

Ole Tjugen
19-Jan-2007, 14:37
My oldest Schneider lens was made in 1930, and it takes (or rather, the Compur shutter takes) standard cable releases.

Shutters in size 00 don't have T-setting or preview button, some 0's don't either. "B" setting and locking cable release is necessary. So I usually have a cable release in the breast pocket of both the jackets I'm likely to wear when going out to shoot, as well as at least one in each of three camera bags.

19-Jan-2007, 15:14
No the button is different, thinking back i did have a compur with a self timer button on a Xenar, but it also had the preview button.


Ian- Are you referring to the self timer button? Is that method of holding open the lens mechanically safe for the lens?

Ernest Purdum
19-Jan-2007, 19:33
I was pretty sure I knew the answer to your question, but I just checked to make sure. A rather early Compound holding Plrotarlinse 155786 takes the present standard cable release just fine.

I think Deckel may have originated the tapered connection. Does anyone know for sure?

Arne Croell
20-Jan-2007, 09:56
There are different versions of preview levers for the older Synchro-Compurs. The more common one has the small rectangular lever/button on top, left of the self-timer-button (seen from the top from behind the camera), which you push in AFTER cocking the shutter to open and pull out to close (or release the shutter). This one can have the self-timer in addition. In another version they used the button at the selftimer position: one cocks the shutter, then pulls the button back towards the camera and simultaneously releases the shutter. The shutter will then travel for a bit and stay open, blocked by the lever connected to the button. To close, push the button towards the front. For obvious reasons, this one does not allow a self-timer in addition. And 3rd, there are Synchro-Compurs without any preview lever except B with a cable release.