View Full Version : Graflex Pacemaker Crown - Lens advice sought

Joseph Lacy
4-Aug-2000, 07:54
I am looking for suggestions on wide angle lenses for this camera. It's the 2x3 format of course. My goals would be tack sharpness and complete coverage over th e film plane with great DOF.

A couple of posts have stated that certain lenses cannot be used because the len s length restricts the front panel from closing. Please keep that in mind when m aking suggetions.

Thanks, Joe

sheldon hambrick
4-Aug-2000, 12:44
I had this camera for a little while. I used it with a 65 Angulon. It covered - just, and was slightly softer at the edges. If it was me, I'd get a 65mm f8 Super Angulon and not worry about the closing issue - that's just me.