View Full Version : Reciprocity failure for Kodak E100SW

Bruce M. Herman
25-May-1998, 21:20
Has anyone determined the reciprocity failure for Kodak E100SW for exposures wit h nominal times of 10 seconds to 2 minutes?



Bruce Z. Li
26-May-1998, 22:11
Pls look at a recent thread called "Experience with Riciprocity..." in photo.net Q&A forum. There is an answer from Kodak Professional section on E100S(W), Elit e II.

Joseph Alsko
2-Jun-1998, 17:16
Bruce, I haven't had any problems with long exposures (up to 60 seconds) on E100S(W). I personally contacted Kodak about this and was told that exposures up to 120 se conds needed no correction for reciprocity.