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17-Jan-2007, 15:12
Novice question, what does the lab prefer? do you take exposed film holders directly to them, or remove film and place in used film box?


Ron Marshall
17-Jan-2007, 15:22
B/W I do at home, color I ship so I put the sheets into an empty box.

I presume a lab would prefer not to have to perform the extra step of unloading your holders.

Robert Brummitt
17-Jan-2007, 16:26
When I worked for two labs. They would take film exposed film holders but would charge you for down loading or they would escort you to a darkroom to down load your own. The jest of the matter is that they would prefer the film was loaded into boxes.:)

17-Jan-2007, 17:57
I'd think most labs don't really care what method you choose to use since they charge for unloading your film from the holders.

However, I'm sure most labs wouldn't look after the cleanliness of your holders as well as you do. For example, once my holders are unloaded... they go into a Ziplock bag until it's time to re-load them again.

Unless you absolutely have to have them unload the holders... I'd recommend you doing that yourself. :)


Alan Davenport
17-Jan-2007, 18:48
The lab I use will deal with holders if that's what you give them, but why take the chance on someone else mucking up your holders? I have a couple of small boxes that I have clearly labeled as "E-6" and "C-41" plus a request to please return the box. I've never had a problem, and never lost a box. Best of all, I have all of my film holders at home so I can get them reloaded for the next safari...

17-Jan-2007, 22:58
Thanks all for the info.