View Full Version : Reinstate LF Photog Links page?

C. D. Keth
17-Jan-2007, 10:19
I noticed that the LF Photographers link page on the main site has been removed for a while due to spammers.

Would it be possible to have it reinstated or to move it? That page was a great jumping-off point for some interesting evenings looking at others' work and I'm sorry it is gone.


Ralph Barker
17-Jan-2007, 14:21
Have you tried the (hand-maintained) LF PHotographers Directory (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/users-directory/) as an alternative?

C. D. Keth
18-Jan-2007, 19:17
Yes, but it pales in comparison to the number and variety of the other link page. Many of the people in your link have very small websites, no websites, or websites with so little photography content they don't interest me.