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17-Jan-2007, 09:19
Hello all.

I suppose I should introduce myself now that I am starting to frequent the forum more often. Name is Ryan, and I mostly shoot 4x5. Unlike most today I started out digital and then went analog, and have not looked back since. I love working black and white in the darkroom, but sometimes find space for some color in my bag.

looks like a good place to waste some time!

Ron Marshall
17-Jan-2007, 09:39
Welcome to the forum Ryan. Very nice shot; where was it taken?

David Karp
17-Jan-2007, 10:16
Welcome aboard.

17-Jan-2007, 10:40
Hi Ryan, welcome from Hawaii.

17-Jan-2007, 12:22
Welcome to the forum Ryan. Very nice shot; where was it taken?

Thanks, it was from my first outing with a 4x5, glad you like it.
Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA

17-Jan-2007, 13:38
Welcome to the LF Forum Ryan. Beautiful work!

Ralph Barker
17-Jan-2007, 14:07
Welcome to the LF Forum, Ryan. Lovely image.

17-Jan-2007, 16:05
Hi Ryan,

Sweet image... :)

Welcome from Vancouver, BC in Canada.


John Kasaian
17-Jan-2007, 16:18
Welcome! This is a good place to waste some time! ;)

18-Jan-2007, 21:18
Welcome to the forum, Guther!

Looks like you have jumped right into LF without a problem...great image!


19-Jan-2007, 19:07
Thanks for the warm welcome, and kind coments everybody.

dominikus bw
24-Jan-2007, 02:31
Hi Ryan,
You are welcome to LF.
I think it's a looks like a good place to waste much time! hihihi...

Uri Kolet
1-Feb-2007, 20:28
Hi Ryan, Spectacular photograph. Welcome from Western Canada, Uri Kolet

2-Feb-2007, 01:22
Hello... My name is Alvin. Im a newbie in photography and newbie here... hope that i could learn a lot form you guys...