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17-Jan-2007, 07:03
I have an Ebony SV810E and the glass is quite dark compared to my 8x10 Tachihara which has an amazingly bright fresnel lens. I was hoping to find some fresnel product I could place behind the GG (to preserve focus).

Can anywhere offer me some advice? I haven't been able to find a basic 8x10" fresnel in my searches so far. If there are better alternatives, I'm all ears. :D


Steve Hamley
17-Jan-2007, 08:07

Ebony provide a fresnel for their 8x10 cameras. I have one in my SV810. Contact Jeff at Badger Graphic.


17-Jan-2007, 08:58
Hi Steve,

Thanks for the tip -- I had a chance to try it but the brightness didn't seem to improve much (and it's quite expensive). I was hoping for something quick and easy, but that may not happen.


Brian Ellis
17-Jan-2007, 09:21
I think Maxwell makes 8x10 screens. If so that would probably be your best bet. I've used Fresnels in both Tachihara and Ebony cameras, the Maxwell I now use is IMHO better than either.

Henry Ambrose
17-Jan-2007, 13:05
I have a Maxwell in my 4x5 and its great but I'd be afraid to ask how much one for an 8x10 would cost.

On my 8x10 I have a plastic screen that I got from Jim at Midwest. It might be a Tachihara or something like that. Its nice and bright and since its all plastic its less likely to break. Call Jim and ask him about screens.

Dave Parker
17-Jan-2007, 15:23
I used a page magnifier on my x10 that I picked up at Office Max for about $8 it was course but it was bright and even helped out with my screens, seems to me if you shop around you will be able find a camera specific fresnel that would work on your ebony, of course the ebony screens I have seen, are pretty good screens even without the fresnel..you guys really have to understand, there is some laws of optics that apply here, they ain't never going to be a TV screen, but I agree with Brian, for an enhanced screen, if you have the money, I would get one of Bill Maxwell's Screens, he makes a great product.

Dave Parker
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erie patsellis
18-Jan-2007, 13:49
gee, isnt' there that guy in montana that makes screens too??? ;)