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adrian tyler
16-Jan-2007, 10:32
here in spain i can't seem to get my hands on 4x5 neg sheet film, so for a year or so i've been mail ordering.

i usually use kodak portra 160nc and 400nc in 4x5, however i'm being quoted from a reliable scorce:

34 gbp (66.29$) per box of 10 sheets!

where as fuji 160s is 14.65 gbp (28.56$)

i have checked and had my supplier check this price with kodak, but this is seems to be whats going down, is this wild fuji/kodak price difference true in the states?

anyone got a reliable eastcoast supplier?



Barry Wilkinson
16-Jan-2007, 10:40
I've noticed that here in the UK, Silverprint's price for Portra is almost twice the price of Fuji's for colour neg.


Walter Foscari
16-Jan-2007, 14:34
Badger Graphic ships international.

Steve Kefford
17-Jan-2007, 09:19
R White in teh UK do Fuji for ~15, while Teamwork do Kodak for ~21. Still a difference, but not as big as you where getting.


adrian tyler
17-Jan-2007, 12:23
bottom line, if you are buying film in euros, the states works out 50% cheaper. oh, and if you didn't know kodak'll strip you naked in the uk.

17-Jan-2007, 14:56
I live in Melbourne, Australia and buy my Portra 160 from Badger graphics - 4x boxes 100 sheets at a time. US$86.00 per box last time.