View Full Version : 38mm Schneider on an Ebony SW45

Robert Fisher
15-Jan-2007, 19:38
Would appreciate input from anyone using a 38 on a SW. Thanks!!!

John Brady
16-Jan-2007, 07:55
Hi Robert, This is not the answer to your question but... Ebony says on their site the 38 can be used with a recessed board. I would imagine this would allow zero movement.

I shoot with the 45su and the 47xl on a recessed board. The info on the Ebony site says that a recessed board is not required but I found it to be alot easier to focus with and there is some available movement.

I love shooting super wide so it would be fun to try a 38. Let me know how it works out for you.

Michael Alpert
16-Jan-2007, 08:39
I have used a 38XL on a SW45S hybrid (see Badger Graphics website for a description of the camera). I use a recessed board, a center filter, and either a 6x9 or 6x12 back. The camera will handle the lens without any problem, so you'll have all the movement you could want and more. In that regard, you should be warned that this lens is so wide that even moderate movement with a 612 back will cause serious "distortion" (in reality it is just a super-wide view, not actually distortion in the technical sense of the word), which makes the right and left sections of the image appear to be in motion (I hope this is a metaphor that makes sense). The lens is very sharp. I have not used the lens with 4x5 film. I think it will work with 4x5 only if it is stopped down below f22, but I am not sure about this. If you have not yet purchased an SW45, you should consider the hybrid. It will give you greater focal-length options than the SW.

16-Jan-2007, 11:55
The 38mm only has a 137mm image circle at f22, which is no where close to enough for 4x5 (needs about 160mm).

Now, specs have been known to be off, but by ~25mm? I would try and test the lens first before I buy, to see if it really does cover 4x5.

John Brady
16-Jan-2007, 12:27
It looks like you are correct! I read that the camera could focus a 38 lens but i didn't pay attention to the fact that it would not cover a sheet of 4x5 film. Below are the specs from the Ebony site.
Lens model Focal length Max aperture Copal shutter # Image circle (f22) Largest format
(up to 8x10") Flange back
Super-Angulon XL 38mm f5.6 0 137mm 6x12cm 52.1mm
Super-Angulon XL 47mm f5.6 0 166mm 4x5" 59.1mm

the SW45 has a minimum extension of 46mm. Nevertheless, it is possible to focus a 38mm super-wide-angle lens because its flange focal distance is 52mm.

Sorry about the incorrect information.

Michael Alpert
16-Jan-2007, 13:10
John and Ken,

I have heard that the 38mm lens covers 4x5 if stopped all the way down, but I haven't tested this (I feel that 47mm or 58mm is wide enough). That is why I answered Robert's question the way I did.

16-Jan-2007, 17:26
Hey, I have a 58mm and I think that's plenty wide :D If anyone can confirm for sure that the 38mm can cover 4x5 when fully stopped down, report back here - that would be good info to have!