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15-Jan-2007, 17:12
Has anyone used the Adorama brand paper?

Seems like a bargain for the roll stuff (50"x100' fiber based for $239.95) if its good paper.


16-Jan-2007, 16:16

I thought I'd give it a try: I called Adorama and asked who makes their paper. The guy on the phone said "Why do you wanna know? I'm not privy to that information. I've used it and its good. I've sold thousands of boxes, its good. The purchaser would probably know."

Then he hung up on me.

Maybe he was having a bad day.

Jim Rice
16-Jan-2007, 16:38
Sounds like just another day at Adorama to me.

william linne
16-Jan-2007, 16:51
Yeah, you must have talked to the HEAD of customer service.

al olson
16-Jan-2007, 17:34
I have used the Adorama paper, 11x14, and I have been satisfied with the quality of the black and white prints. Unfortunately, I went to their web site recently to order more. The listing for their cut sheet paper has disappeared.

One might conclude that their supplier is one of the companies that are exiting the photographic film and paper business.

16-Jan-2007, 19:38
Sounds like just another day at Adorama to me.

Yeah, I've kinda had it with that place. I'll still go there for some things (because I live in the city and B&H is so far west you're practically in New Jersey) but I find if I plan ahead, mail order businesses are preferred.

But even then some of these mail order places really have their days. Perhaps it's because the people that run them are "quirky artists" or something but communication is usually a nightmare as is inventory planning.

<rant>If on average, your store sells 20 boxes of XYZ type / size film every month, and you have 70 boxes on hand, and you know it takes 3 months for a shipment to arrive, why in hell would you not be placing an order for more? Well, maybe you would but the owners of several photo supply companies would not. In the days of the hand written ledgers inventory was a big PITA, but these days people are throwing out Pentium 4 computers (passed one the other day on the curb) that with some cheap software are more than capable of managing any size inventory.</rant>

Back on topic: Do let us know how the Adorama paper turns out....and keep in mind that people do read old posts. I'm still trying to find out how the ADOX Vario G paper looks (may not matter that J&C isn't supplying it) and have been stymied by the lack of info about it.


16-Jan-2007, 20:11
Adorama sold me expired film. When I complained they wanted me to buy fresh film that was now in stock.

Brian Ellis
16-Jan-2007, 22:32
I've used Adorama for some years after having a major bad experience at B&H. I don't find them any more rude than B&H (in fact I find them a whole lot nicer than Henry Posner at B&H) and they've been much better for me than B&H about accepting returns. I can't offhand think of a bad experience with Adorama in some 8 years of dealing with them.

Louie Powell
17-Jan-2007, 06:17
I picked up a box of 11x14 warm tone paper at Adorama a few years ago. While I couln't be totally sure, it certainly appeared to be repackaged Ilford MG-WT. Note that I bought the paper in mid-2004, before Ilford abandoned the private-label business.

I've had mixed results in doing business with Adorama. Yes, they can be a bit abrupt - after all, they are New Yorkers. But I will say that the occasions when I have purchased something over the counter in the store, they were helpful and the products that I got were satisfactory. But it is true that they aren't going to take the time to carry on casual conversations on subjects not relevant to the current business transaction.

Don Wallace
17-Jan-2007, 12:57
I've had mixed results in doing business with Adorama. Yes, they can be a bit abrupt - after all, they are New Yorkers.

Louie has it right. I am a very chatty Canadian who after only a few days in Manhattan learned that New Yorkers are very friendly and helpful but DO NOT like to stand around and chat after being asked directions, etc. Adorama gave me very good service but the guy on the line was utterly uninterested in my photographic experiences and how it is SO tough to photograph active grandsons, and gee, I would love to shoot more in NYC and ... :)

17-Jan-2007, 16:18

I wasn't intending on this being a "Is Adorama good or bad?" thread. I really just wanna know who makes their paper.

My 2nd post was done to avoid someone responding "Why don't you ask them?"

It looks like I'm gonna be in NYC so I might stop by and buy a box just to check out.

Thanks guys


19-Jan-2007, 08:08
My 2c. I've used quite a lot of Adorama's paper and like it.

As for the attitude, it's not that they're New Yorkers, it's more their culture than their location. I too have had bad experiences with B&H and never a problem with Adorama, by the way.

If pressure is a problem, order online. If you like pressure, visit the store.:D

Al D
19-Jan-2007, 10:59
From what I understand both B&H and Adorama use a sales staff where personnel largely share both ad-hoc purchases and large commercial accounts.

Also, don't forget that B&H and Adoarama have moved very aggressively into consumer electronics over the past 10 years. They used to have specialized sales staff in the photographic inventory but neither does that anymore as, with the digital age, photographic wares have sort of converged with the larger retail sector of consumer electronics anyhow.

Under those circumstances it would be a bit much to expect much in the way of enthusiasm for a $50 paper purchase when the next guy in the call queue wants to purchase, say, $30k, worth of laptops and office automation software.

Both are best dealt with online. When I have had issues with orders from both places those issues have been resolved expendiently - if not with courtesy.

19-Jan-2007, 12:23
It looks like I'm gonna be in NYC so I might stop by and buy a box just to check out.

Thanks guys


Do that, you won't be disappointed. It's because they know the stuff they sell is good that they don't care about those who don't believe it. They will sell it anyway. Adorama staff is wonderful - I had very personal discussions with some of them (just because I happened to understand some of their Yiddish expressions) and I saw customers getting a cold shoulder in a blink of an eye. What you really wanted to know (is it good to try it?) he understood and answered. Take his word for it and happy printing!