View Full Version : Technika IV rail problem

Randy Toole
15-Jan-2007, 13:17
My Linhof is really hard to push back the lens/bellows rail for wide angle use. I understand there is no need for lubrication......... help!

Juergen Sattler
15-Jan-2007, 14:03
The rear rails might be out of alignment and just a bit higher or lower than the front rails - that would create the problem you are having. You can either send the camera in, or calibrate it yourself - it is not very difficult - just take the back off, incl the standard and you will see the set screws to make the adjustments. If in doubt send it in to Marflex.

David A. Goldfarb
15-Jan-2007, 14:55
You are pressing down the spring tab on the side of the rail before pushing it back, right?

Randy Toole
16-Jan-2007, 12:10
Yes, I am pressing in the button when starting to slide the rail........but do I need to keep pressing throughout the entire distance of pushing home the rail?

Ed Richards
16-Jan-2007, 12:20
> but do I need to keep pressing throughout the entire distance of pushing home the rail?

Yes, you are releasing a set of jaws that grab the rail. When you let go, the grab again.

David A. Goldfarb
16-Jan-2007, 12:41
Ed and I are talking about two different things that need to be pressed for different purposes.

Ed, I think, is talking about the two levers on the front standard that need to be squeezed so that you can slide the standard on the rail.

On the side of the rail itself, attached to the bottom rail, there should be two tabs, and you need to press the rear one to retract the top rail to the "-1" position for use with wide lenses. You would also press that tab to slide the rail forward to the "+1" position for use with long lenses, and you would press the forward tab to slide the top rail forward for maximum extension. You shouldn't have to hold down these tabs once the rail is released.

It may be that the rail is just dirty and or needs some light lubrication. You can slide it all the way off and take a look. I usually use some light lithium grease on them, though I've read that Linhof has in the past recommended Vaseline.

Ed Richards
16-Jan-2007, 15:01
David is right, I was thinking about the clamp for the lensboard. Depends on what you are sliding back. Cleaning the rail can work wonders, but be very sparing with lubrication. It can accumulate grit and make things worse.

Randy Toole
17-Jan-2007, 08:59
Thanks for the recommendations on the stiff rail problem.......I will use a tad of lithium based lube that should free up the movement.