View Full Version : Filter size for Schneider 135mm F4.7 Xenar

Randy Toole
15-Jan-2007, 13:08
Need to verify that a 40.5 threaded filter will fit this lens. Thanks in advance for any help.

15-Jan-2007, 13:10

Randy Toole
15-Jan-2007, 13:12
Thanks Bill- The lens is on order. Do you know if this is a good sharp and contrasty lens throughout the 4x5 neg size?

Michael Graves
15-Jan-2007, 14:14
I've got one. It's pretty sharp, although I tend to think my Optar is slightly sharper. Which is kind of odd, since I've always heard it was supposed to be the other way around. The coverage is just enough for 4x5 with very little room for movements. My particular specimen falls off somewhat slowly, so dropoff at the edges appears in the form of degraded sharpness before it shows as vignetting.

15-Jan-2007, 15:59
Looks good to me. I can't see any significant difference between it and my 135mm Xenotar.

Lee Hamiel
15-Jan-2007, 16:45


Joseph O'Neil
15-Jan-2007, 20:15
Had one for a fewq years. Nice and sharp, b ut to get sharp to the edge, you do need to stop down to around F22ish.
It is 40.5mm for certian. Also, 90mm Angulon and 135mm Sironar -N lenses are 40.5mm too.

Randy Toole
16-Jan-2007, 12:16
Thanks for the replys. I have not received the lens yet, but I have found out that it doesn't have a open, close lever for focusing...........