View Full Version : Osaka Lens Opinions

Ian Dodd
8-Jun-1998, 15:32
Can any users out there give me their opinion of the Osaka Commercial lenses fro m Bromwell Marketing? I am particularly interested in the 400mm and 500mm tele designs for 4X5. The bellows draw, the weight, and certainly the price make the m intriguing. But how do they stand up optically? Can you compare them to the Nikkor teles or the Fujinon 450C? Thanks for your feedback.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
10-Nov-1998, 23:59
I have only owned 1 Osaka, the 210mm tessar type, which I bought used for (are you sitting down) $75.00. I paid in cash and left ASAP, wondering if the guy knew what he had and didn't care or didn't and I was taking advantage of his ignorance.

In any event, I have been quite happy with it's performance for that price on 5 X 7 and 4 X 5 and even for close-ups on 8 X 10, although I only make contacts prints in that format. In any event, that doesn't answer your question really. I do remember reading that the Osakas were single coated and not multi-coated. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.