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Former Member 8144
15-Jan-2007, 10:54
Just looking a little user feedback here.

Looking for a camera to use mainly for 69 and 612 rollfilm (and 54 is nice bonus for when necessary)
Must have movements..rise, fall, shift, for interior and exterior work..portability is nice.
Lenses from 38 minimum to 135 minimum (though 180 preferred)

The choice I have are two very different systems:
1. Ebony SW45 with lenses from 45 to 180.
Great to use, easy to add lenses, light, large movements, 54 option.

2. Horseman SW612P with 45 to 135 lenses.
Higly portable, can be used handheld if necessary, viewfinder with distance focussing foir quicker shooting where necessary.

I can set up both for about the same price.

Image flexibility the ebony is better due to 54 option and lenses upto 180 but the horseman gives me the more compact kit and the viewfinder handheld option which may be great for a panaoramic project I am shooting.

Has anyone used the horseman and if so how do you find the handling, does the viewfinder really make quicker handholding shots possible, and have you found the movemets enough for tight interiors, etc.

thanks for any info.

Robert Fisher
15-Jan-2007, 11:47
see: http://http://photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=007qrP

if resale is a consideration, the Ebony wins by a HUGE margin

Former Member 8144
15-Jan-2007, 11:50
no..resale not a consideration..it's all abouty the best tool right now..

Ted Harris
15-Jan-2007, 15:18
The only other point worth considering is that, while the important movements you list are shift and rise/fall, you may find that having tilt is a real bonus when you wnat to shoot sheet film. I know it is the last movement I would give up.

You also may want to look at other similar cameras too (e.g. Cambo wide and the new Arca Swiss ... which may noti be on sale yet).

Warren Clark
15-Jan-2007, 17:52
Hi Marc,

I use a Horseman 45FA and a Ebony 45S.

With the Horseman:
-75,135 Sironar, 210 G Claron Can use 65 with more difficulty
-Horseman Zoom finder-very nice- also use this with handgrip for
walk around preview-has 6x9 and 4x5 masks
-Used with 6x9 and 6x12 backs and 4x5

For the Ebony 45S:
55,65,72XL up to Fuji 240A

The Horseman can be easily used handheld, but I have used it most on
the tripod.

Good shooting ,

Warren Clark