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Peter Metelerkamp
15-Jan-2007, 06:24
I'm a recent joiner to this forum, and would be delighted to hear from anyone about anything relating to personal documentary photography, philosophy, technique, etc.

I work in monochrome in several formats - a tiny sample of my work can be seen on my site www.documentarist.net

15-Jan-2007, 17:13
Hi Peter,

Welcome to the forum from Hawaii. I hope you get as much out of this forum as I have.

Ron Marshall
15-Jan-2007, 17:29
Welcome to the forum Peter. I'll peruse your site when time permits.

Ralph Barker
16-Jan-2007, 14:50
Welcome to the LF Forum, Peter.

16-Jan-2007, 14:54
Peter! You're down the road from me then!

I'm in Swindon. I've been a member here a little while, but only just getting my feet wet recently.

18-Jan-2007, 21:27
Welcome from another recent joiner!

Paricularly enjoyed the image of the house with the palm tree shadow (South Africa portfolio)


Uri Kolet
19-Jan-2007, 01:36
Welcome from Vancouver, Canada, Peter; lots of good stuff here. Cheers, Uri

19-Jan-2007, 05:31
Welcome to the LF Community from Florida, Peter.