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15-Jan-2007, 00:41
I am planning a trekking tour to Nepal (up to 5500m). I tend to use 8x10 format to shot some slides. I am using Sinar 8x10 P2 all the time in the field. Considering the issue of weight, I am think of an Ebony-type foldable camera. The lenses to be used will be in the range of 165mm to 600mm. Movement is needed. Do you suggest a good camera to me?

Amund BLix Aaeng
15-Jan-2007, 01:03
Wehman 8x10 (http://www.wehmancamera.com/camera.html), lightweight, sturdy and able to handle 165-600mm with ease.

John Kasaian
15-Jan-2007, 01:06
If size and wieght is the issue, Peter Gowland has a camera you might like---check it out at www.petergowland.com

15-Jan-2007, 01:21

Gads... ANY field camera will weigh a LOT less than a P2! I certainly wouldn't want to be lugging that thing up to an elevation of 5500m.

[I shoot with a 4x5 Sinar X, which is almost as heavy as your P2 but it NEVER goes out into the field. :)]

For field shooting... I use a Deardorff 8x10 but (since I don't use a 600 mm lens) I don't know if it'll accommodate a lens of that length. The longest lens I've used on it is a 19" RDA.

An Ebony is a beautiful camera as well... get in touch with Rob Skeoch at:


Telephone: 905-335-6031 in Canada, where your US dollars go further. :)

He also carries Keith Canham's cameras as well as the Shen-Hao line.

Any of these cameras would be great to use!

Good luck... sounds like it'll be the trip of a lifetime. :)


15-Jan-2007, 02:11
Wehman 8x10.

15-Jan-2007, 06:20
There is a beautiful Ebony 8x10" on the 'bay at the moment for Buy It Now. (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280070597844&ssPageName=ADME:B:EF:US:11)

Walter Calahan
15-Jan-2007, 06:36
Considering the altitude and lack of O2 in Nepal, you must be in amazing shape to want to lug even a light weight 8x10 with multiple lenses and tripod!

The Ebony weights 10.5 lbs. The KB Canham lightweight 8x10 weights 8.4 lbs.

Me, I'd use a very lightweight 4x5 system, so I'm humbled by your strength!

Walter Calahan
15-Jan-2007, 06:41
Oh, on my Canham 8x10, I shoot from 120mm (bag bellows) to 1200mm, so your 600mm will work fine.

Frank Petronio
15-Jan-2007, 06:45
It's really the other parts that make the weight difficult. If I had an 8x10 up there I'd want to shoot a lot of film but carrying enough holders would be a challenge.

But I guess if you split the load up with some Sherpas you could do whatever you want. Afterall they hauled an IMax up Everest.

Jack Flesher
15-Jan-2007, 08:17
Lotus makes some very high quality holders that are extremely lightweight, about 1 pound each, expensive though. Their camera is very nice too -- at about 11.5 pounds it is slightly heavier than the Canham, but lots more rigid. Another choice for a lightweight if you could find one would be a Phillips; but if not, the Shen Hao 8x10 is almost an exact copy at less than $2000.

15-Jan-2007, 08:17
I'd consider a Wehman as well. Haven't beaten mine up yet. but I am confident it will take a lot of abuse when closed. Very lightweight, and the movements are easy to master. I believe it will handle the 600mm, but don't have one so not too sure. It handles my 300 without the front extension plate so it would pretty much have to (that about doubles length of camera).

I would agree with one other comment - go 4x5 and take a lot of Quickloads or rapid loads and get away from film holders (again a tank of a camera is the Toyo 45AX or AII).


15-Jan-2007, 08:36
If you follow the suggestion of carrying a 4 X 5 instead of an 8 X 10 you may want to carry the Toho Shimo FC-45X. Kerry Thalmann uses and has a review of the camera:


I have just recently received and modified mine and will be putting it through its paces shortly. Through modifications similar to Kerry, I have the camera weight down to 2 lbs 12 oz. Here is a discussion on LFPF that I will be adding to shortly:



Turner Reich
15-Jan-2007, 09:26
Avchd, what did you choose?

15-Jan-2007, 12:41
Another vote for the Wehman.



Richard Kelham
15-Jan-2007, 12:55
I suppose you could always hire a Sherpa...

Gary Smith
15-Jan-2007, 14:35
Another vote for the Wehman. I bought mine a couple of months ago, and recently hauled it up a 2000 meter climb. Nice light weight, and very very durable.

The sherpa or llama is not a bad idea either.

Hope it helps.


15-Jan-2007, 18:11
Many thanks for your comment.

Look like Canham 8x10 Lightweight (8.4 lbs), JMC810 (9.13 lbs) or Wedman 8x10 are good for my lenses.

I may choose Canham 8x10 Lightweight or JMC810 since Wedman 8x10 is available only early 2008. I can't wait for it.

Yes, I'll hire sherpas to carry my load.

Thanks again.

Gary Smith
15-Jan-2007, 18:16
Many thanks for your comment.

Look like Canham 8x10 Lightweight (8.4 lbs), JMC810 (9.13 lbs) or Wedman 8x10 are good for my lenses.

I may choose Canham 8x10 Lightweight or JMC810 since Wedman 8x10 is available only early 2008. I can't wait for it.

Yes, I'll hire sherpas to carry my load.

Thanks again.

Bruce has the regular 8x10s in stock now ready to go. The lightweight model wont be ready until 2008, not sure if that helps or not.


15-Jan-2007, 21:12
Guess I'm late chiming in. HOWEVER, the Arca Swiss 8x10 I use weighs about 9.5lbs, and folds up nicely. Here's a picture of it in a LowePro. I pull out the extension rail and that's it, zip it up. Shoulda removed the garbage bag for the photo though. :)

15-Jan-2007, 21:46
The regular wehman is available now. It's the lightweight version that's not until 2008. It will focus a 600mm lens up to about 12 feet.

John Kasaian
15-Jan-2007, 23:02
For fun and inspiration check out Vittorio Sella's nepalese adventure in Summit published by Aperture!

19-Jan-2007, 19:46
Is there any place that I can get a photo of Canham JMC 8x10? I want to know how it looks like when it is folded up.