View Full Version : Takes an Act of God to open Technika back?

13-Jan-2007, 09:22
I have difficulty using the back movements feature of my Technika IV because the little release buttons are so stiff and tight that it's nearly impossible to press them without shifting the camera on its tripod. I mean these are really hard to press! Is this normal? (I notice that on the current Master Technika these have been replaced with what appears to be a sliding button.) Thanks.

Bob Salomon
13-Jan-2007, 09:44

Your camera is about half a century old. It needs service. Contact Marflex for this probleem.

Properly maintained cameras that are periodically CLA properly will not have this problem.

13-Jan-2007, 13:24
Thanks, Bob. It was serviced about 20 years ago by Marty Forscher, and my third bellows was replaced 2 years ago locally, along with a CLA. This is not a new problem, and otherwise everything works just fine. Do the Master Techs now have a sliding catch instead of the press button?

13-Jan-2007, 13:42
The Master Tech has two latches, one on either side of the back. You release the four knobs, followed by sliding the two catches. You can then pull the back out.

I place my thumbs on the bottom of the back, and use my forefingers to release the latches. It takes very little effort.