View Full Version : Trying to sell p2 and f1? and 8x10? need help

13-Jan-2007, 08:37
I have an entire set of sinar gear that my ex boyfriend gave me a while back. I have never used it and it is in mint condition. My problem is before I can list it on ebay I need to make sure I am listing what each item is correctly. I am a cambo user so I am a bit unclear as to what all of these things are...can someone please help. I know I have a P2 complete set with metered back. I believe the other is an f1 front and rear standard (the mount looks more like an f1 based on pictures I have found on the web) I have an 8x10 to 4x5 tapered bellows with an adapter to 4x5 but not sure the accurate title for that piece. A sinar pan tilt head, standard square bellows, various extention rails. If anyone could contact me with help here is a link to the items (hopefully they are able to see them clearly enough).



13-Jan-2007, 08:43
Welcome to LFPF. Nice ex-boyfriend. You may have people at LFPF interested in purchasing some or all of the equipment as well. :)