View Full Version : Kentmere Liquid Emulsion: First use report

Ed K.
11-Jan-2007, 14:35
Unable to resist yet another experimental opportunity, I purchased a bottle of Kentmere grade 3 liquid B&W emulsion yesterday. As directed, I warmed it an then applied it to some test substrates - glass, frosted glass, tile and paper. I prepped the glass, which was bevel-sanded on the edges, by cleaning first with Bon Ami and then with Cascade dishwasher detergent. I figured, "if this works, then darned near anything might work".

The stuff sticks just fine. It's milky with a consistency about like PVA houshold glue when heated to about 105F. Brushable, sure, but really a bit thick for that. It dries and sets in about an hour. It sticks to glass much better than some of my hand-made gelatin mixes did. Given that it has about the same consistency as exterior latex house paint, who knows, it might be sprayable with a Wagner! (okay, perhaps dangerous to do so).

So far, the fixed grade 3 stuff is really too contrasty for my taste, and it is definitely more suited for enlarger use than contact due to its fairly high speed. Definitely not an alternative to AZO type emulsions. I probably should have purchased their variable contrast formula instead.

How this compares to Liquid Light, I don't know. But as a way to mess with hand coating on a variety of substrates, it's interesting stuff - possibly a good way to get used to coating with gelatin emulsions before brewing up all the various gelatin brews from scratch.

I'd give it a thumbs up for odd experiments. It restored my appreciation for good 'ol factory-made paper though. It takes a minimum of 4 hours to go from bottle to washed "print", which is better than waiting for ripening and all that, but still, somewhat long for a spur of the moment project.