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11-Jan-2007, 12:55
Someone suggested the RW45 instead of a SV45Ti if I'm doing mainly landscapes and using lenses between 90mm and 240mm. Anyone out there use this model and agree? Is there any real advantage to the SV45Ti over the RW45 other than bellows length? Are they both as stable? Is one that much better than the other in terms of quality, etc.? Thanks.


11-Jan-2007, 13:24
The RW45 is one sweet little camera. Small, light, and simple to use. It doesn't sell too well here in the US I've heard, I guess most Ebony users think of it as the cheap one, but it is a really nice solid camera. Emile/www.deleon-ulf.com.

Ted Harris
11-Jan-2007, 15:04
The RW45 will work fine for landscape work bu tso will others. You need to compare iot to other cameras in its class and price range as opposed to the more expensive Ebonys.

I used an RW 45 with the universal bellows extensively for two weeks several years ago. I was shooting Fall Foliage for notecards and calendars and was probably running 30-40 sheets a day through the camera for 12 straight days. I didn't come across a single situation the camera couldn't handle. It drove me nuts with a 75mm lens but with the 90 it was fine. I actually was using lenses up to 300 IIRC.

At the end of the day I am glad I had the chance to use the camera but it wasn't for me. I'm a metal camera guy.

Former Member 8144
11-Jan-2007, 15:44
If you like the ebony rw45 take a look also at the walker xl..very similar spec but made of abs instead of wood here in the uk.
spoke to mr walker the other day and he's a real nice guy..have a look on the website..walkercameras.com..if you like what you see do an ebay search..you may find something that interests you...(and no it's not mine!)

11-Jan-2007, 16:09
I got to play with the RW45 a little while. It is a good camera. If I could afford it, however, I'd get the SV45Ti. Why? Because I like to do closeups. Also, the horizontal movements, while not necessary, are handy. If you like to do close-ups, figure out which lens you'd like to do close-ups with and choose the camera based on that. The weight of the RW45 is very appealing though and it is solid.

Helen Bach
11-Jan-2007, 16:32
I use an RW45 with lenses from 55 mm to 300 mm, and a 400 mm telephoto. It's a bit fiddly at the two extremities of the bellows draw, but I’m happy with it for landscape work and it's OK for architecture. I have the 300 mm mounted on an extension ring because I use it for portraits.


Eric Woodbury
11-Jan-2007, 21:38
Those two cameras look about the same in the front, but no focus in the rear on the RW45. As Helen pointed out, at the extremes the RW45 is tricky to set up. I use it with a 58mm and it is convoluted. And with closeup when you like to focus in the rear so as not to disturb the lens to subject distant, it is a problem. I do like it though. I use the RW45 as a light weight option to my 5x7. For most things it is fine. For everything, it would be a bit limited.

Chuck Bradford
12-Jan-2007, 06:56
Good question Andy,
I have been shooting a Wista for the past 3 years and just recently bought a RW45 off e-bay as an upgrade. So far I am very impressed with the operations and workmanship. I shoot mostly landscapes so it had all the movments that I needed. I have a 120mm macro that is very temperamental to set up on the Wista I am going to shoot that lense this weekend. The rest of my lenses range from 90mm to 300mm and the camera handles them very well.