View Full Version : Possibility of snow in Yosemite Valley!

John Kasaian
11-Jan-2007, 11:52
The snow level is supposed to be going down to 500' which should make Yosemite valley nice and white. I've got 8 8x10 holders loaded with FP-4+ just sitting here looking at me, my Nationhal Parks pass is burning a hole in my wallet and the tire chains are in the truck. I think tomorrow I may to take off as a "mental health day":)


Brian Vuillemenot
11-Jan-2007, 12:22
I envy you, John- I've got the film holders and National Parks pass all ready to go, but no chains or 4 WD and I'm required at my day job tomorrow. Good luck, ann let us know how it goes!

11-Jan-2007, 12:35
And you aren't even taking color ... oh, how sad. :( :eek:

Dave Parker
11-Jan-2007, 12:59
You want snow??? Just come visit me, got about 3 foot in the yard right now!!!


Ralph Barker
11-Jan-2007, 13:19
Have fun, John.

I'd e-mail you my snow shoes, but they don't seem to fit in the slot on this darned computer. ;)

11-Jan-2007, 14:10
Well the storms have moved in here as well. Those who have never seen Zion National park in snow would be in for a real treat. We are supposed to get heavy snows for the next three days.

12-Jan-2007, 01:46
Greetings John,

Snow here in Vancouver, BC as well... and a tad bit on the cold side!

Have fun and be safe! :)


David Karp
12-Jan-2007, 08:32
I am jealous John. School starts again today - No Yosemite for me until summer.

The valley is beautiful after a new snow.

Have a great time.

12-Jan-2007, 17:17
John I would check but I can ell you it has been very dry lately but very cold up here. I have had no snow this year and it is dry. There is hardly any snow at all in the valley.

Check out;


It will keep you up to date.

The passes have snow but they are closed and you cannot get access.

Also be careful as the rods are extremely icy especially up near cranes flat. If you are coming in from the back side, Merced you should be ok.

John Kasaian
12-Jan-2007, 19:56
Ahh yes, the web cam dosen't lie! :( It is certainly cold enough--- if there were only some percipitation to percipitate things!

12-Jan-2007, 23:17
On the local news up here they see no snow in sight. We are in a drought up here and the locals are really getting worries about this summer due to fire danger. We need rain real bad and it is dry. The hills are still brown and usually by now they are green and lush.

15-Jan-2007, 02:29
Hello John,

New here. Have fun in Yosemite! I'll be loading up my 8x10 holders and heading there the last weekend of February -- snow would be nice, but I'll take what I can get. There was snow on the valley floor during Christmas, but looks just cold there for now.

I'll be going there to be at the opening of the Yosemite Renaissance Show (an annual multi media competition/show). I was lucky enough to have had a carbon print accepted -- and the opening is a great excuse to go there during the winter! (I tell my wife that I HAVE to go!)

Have a great and safe trip!