View Full Version : Is it Possible to fit a 300mm lens on a Horseman VH/VHR?

Hugh Sakols
11-Jan-2007, 08:37
I'm curious if anyone has ever used a 300mm lens on a horseman VHR. This camera will only accept #0 and #1 lens boards. I wouldn't expect to get much in the way of movements.

Sal Santamaura
11-Jan-2007, 09:11
Depends on which 300mm lens you want to use. If it's a Fuji C, Nikkor M or Apo Ronar, this document


says it's possible. However, the necessary lensboard


is expensive and a special order. Lately, Horseman seems to be scaling back its product line, so I'm not sure how long it would take to get the board, if indeed they're still available.

Also worthy of note, if you shoot where wind is a factor, I've found that even a 200mm Nikkor M on my VH vibrates significantly in windy conditions. On my FA I use a second QR plate under the bed for longer lenses, but the VH only has tripod sockets on its back.

Sal Santamaura
11-Jan-2007, 09:29
Also, there's the Fuji 300T that requires this lensboard


which, while still a special order, is at least less expensive.

You could also find a Horseman 2X converter if you have a 150mm plasmat, but that will result in an f/11 combination.

Hugh Sakols
11-Jan-2007, 09:48
Thanks for the information. Sounds like I might be better off using a different setup for this focal length.

Ted Harris
11-Jan-2007, 10:18
BTW, the camera can use #3 lensboards but you will need to have someone like Richard Ritter custom make one for you. When i was using a 45FA I had a #3 board with a 'tophat' and it worked jsut fine. It won't be cheap though, I recall selling mine for some truly obscene price like $150.