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10-Jan-2007, 22:16
Does anyone know a source for pre-cut Strathmore boards in 16x20 and 20x24? The vendors I know of sell Strathmore only in 32x40. Thanks.

N. Riley

Kirk Gittings
10-Jan-2007, 22:59
Light Impressions sells Westminster board virtually identical to the various white Strathmore boards in those and many sizes. Get a sample and match the color.

10-Jan-2007, 23:15
Let me try again. "Does anyone know a source for pre-cut Strathmore boards in 16x20 and 20x24? The vendors I know of sell Strathmore only in 32x40. Thanks."

N. Riley

Frank Petronio
10-Jan-2007, 23:22
Any good frame or art supply shop will cut board down for you. ANY of them. Just ask.

10-Jan-2007, 23:38
May I please have an answer that is responsive to my question vs. one suggesting that perhaps I'm stupid. "Does anyone know a source for pre-cut Strathmore boards in 16x20 and 20x24?" Thanks.

N. Riley

10-Jan-2007, 23:52

Kirk Gittings
10-Jan-2007, 23:54
I'm sorry I wasted my time giving you an alternative.


Greg Lockrey
11-Jan-2007, 01:01
Ouch :eek: :eek: :eek: 'Fraid not. Your welcome.

Michael Graves
11-Jan-2007, 07:01
No, but I know where you can get distemper shots at a good price.

11-Jan-2007, 07:53
No. You would be wise to be more considerate and polite to those who have more experience and knowledge than you and who are willing to share.


Greg Lockrey
11-Jan-2007, 08:03
And those of us with less knowledge too.:eek:

11-Jan-2007, 09:50
Those are interesting responses. Why assume that a person posing a direct question is necessarily inexperienced or unfamiliar with alternatives? I have been mounting photographs on Westminster rag boards and using other products from Light Impressions for 25 years and I am well aware of the fact that I can have large boards cut at frame shops. Had I asked about an alternative to Strathmore or about cutting large boards, answers in those directions would have been appropriate. To be ridiculed for craving an answer on point and holding you accountable for providing it, and to also be accused of being inexperienced and impolite is disappointing. Nevertheless, I appreciate knowing that none of the participants in the discussion so far are aware of any source for pre-cut Strathmore boards. Thank you for your help.

N. Riley

11-Jan-2007, 09:53
You have been impolite.


Lee Hamiel
11-Jan-2007, 10:08
They are not pre-cut but - at Dick Blick Art Supplies one can order & have cut to size & delivered.

About as close to pre-cut one can get - I have dealt with them for years & they are great to deal with.

The cut & paste answer from their order department: "We can cut the boards as you request. We do have a cutting fee of $7.50 for the first 2 cuts and an additional $2.50 for each additional cut after that. This charge would apply to any quantity of the same item number. I recommend you call us at 800-828-4548 and place the order with one of our telephone representatives with your cutting instructions."

The link for the Strathmore is at: http://www.dickblick.com/zz130/01/

Given that the 32x40 will quarter into 16x20 boards the price would be 7.50 on top of the quantity ordered - Based on ordering 20 sheets of 32x40 - for 2ply it works out to about 100. for a total of 80 boards = 1.25 each - not a bad price. For the same order in 4 ply it's about 2.40 per final piece. This is for all colors but black which is about 20% more.

To get 20x24 boards there will be more waste & the 32x40 boards would be halved.

Hope this helps

11-Jan-2007, 14:58
... an answer on point and holding you accountable for providing it...

There is no such requirement for "accountability" on this, or any other, internet forum that has ever existed.

Not only are you being perceived as impolite, but as arrogant, demanding, and irrational.

Lee's answer, but the way, would have been my response but he wrote it first.

11-Jan-2007, 18:10
Lee -

Thank you for your answer. On the few occasions when I've had large boards cut down for me, the results have not always been uniform as they usually are with Westminster from Light Impressions. Because I am developing some concerns with Westminster boards from Light Impressions, I hope to find and try, in the sizes I specified, machine-cut Strathmore museum boards: that way I am reasonably assured my mounts and mats will be of the same size. I will write Strathmore Paper Company to ask about smaller boards. In the meantime, it sounds like you have dealt with Dick Blick Art Supplies. If so, and if you've had them cut boards for you, have you been satisfied with the quality of their work? Again, thanks very much. I appreciate your help.

N. Riley

Lee Hamiel
11-Jan-2007, 18:50

I have not used Dick Blick for any cutting - after seeing your question & being curious for my own purposes I checked out their possible use. Yes - I have used them for many other orders with no problems whatsoever & highly recommend them.

I have used Strathmore for 25+ years - however it's been for their patent office bristol board which is 100% cotton for illustration purposes - now I buy the plate finish in pads & cut my own to size.

One issue is that not all scales are perfect & usually the big power cutters are more precise than your typical yardstick. I have owned countless architectural/engineering scales over the years along with a number of smaller metric scales & there is a lot of variance in review by a critical eye depending on the method used along with the material it's indicia is inscribed - some older boxwood & ivory scales are more accurate than many newer scales. However - one can get into the calibration of light meter issues on this one:)

Measure some of your photo paper & I'm guessing there are variances from the claimed sizes - if not great.

The other issue for the boards is expansion & contraction depending on humidity factors, etc. & I'm not sure what the allowed criteria is for this but I would be inclined to request that all boards be quartered exactly the same or halved & so on & you may end up with a fraction of a millimeter away from 16x20 but they will all be the same.

Easiest in my opinion is to cut your own if the exact dimension is an issue for you. Five cutting boards here & counting ...

Jon Shiu
12-Jan-2007, 12:26
Hi, just wondering what are the problems with LI Westminster boards? I have had problems ordering, and inconsistant backorders.