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10-Jan-2007, 11:12
A while ago I posted asking about Kodalith Ortho, and the help I received was invaluable albeit limited.

I'd previously failed to get much out of a couple sheets of it, but this afternoon I decided to be a little more formal in my approach.

Kodalith Ortho Type 3, EI 5

Cambo 4x5, Cooke Aviar Anastigmat 10.5inch, near-full extension of bellows. Old Leningrad meter read about 40seconds at f/22, so I compensated bellows extension to about 1 minute 15 seconds or thereabouts.

Developed for 11 minutes in Rodinal 1:100


Not the greatest photo I know, and I'd much prefer to be photographing people (http://www.myspace.com/second_belated) but this is all test shots so inanimate objects are good enough. I need to sort out dust spotting, and there is the obvious gash wound from scanning this negative in two halves and photoshopping.

Thought it may be useful for anyone else who has Ortho and wanted to see how much tone can be pulled with minimal effort, or if someone like me searches the forum in the future looking for the EI, development time etc.

Jim Galli
10-Jan-2007, 12:04
Ash, Can't see the pic because I'm at work. I'm a big Aviar fan (http://tonopahpictures.0catch.com/PorcelainCoffeepot/ThePorcelainCoffeepotPictures.html) though. I've played a lot with ortho / lith films and have a sweet recipe for full tonal dev. if you're interested. Links here (http://tonopahpictures.0catch.com/FreestyleAPHS/SomeNewAPHS072206.html).


Ralph Barker
10-Jan-2007, 12:12
Not bad at all, Ash, for a film mostly used for line repro work (which is what my experience with it has been limited).

And, FWIW, I think Leica Ms always make good "portraiture" subjects. ;)

10-Jan-2007, 12:19
Jim, you aren't missing much ;)

I think I saw your mug page previously and it sealed the deal for my Cooke lens, and your recipe looks quite nice! Very high contrast in comparison though, not sure why, maybe the added chemicals, or maybe the newer formula Rodinal (apparently the new stuff is a little different).

Ralph, I can't afford an M - I'm more of a Contax II kinda guy anyway ;) ((if you click the link in my first post and scroll down there's all my blog entries with small format work, using Contax etc)

Bill Koechling
11-Jan-2007, 11:30
That's the first collapsible Summicron I've seen since I sold mine about 10 years ago. It was a great lens with my M4. Sigh...


11-Jan-2007, 11:46
Bill, sadly it has remained unused in the 2months so far since it was sent to me by a member on RFF (I've since returned the gesture with a 35mm lens). Nuisance is that the IIIc in the photo suffers from dim-rangefinderitis, so I leave it on the shelf and shoot with my Contax II instead!

Looks to be a very good lens, not sure it'll top a f/2 Sonnar though..

erie patsellis
11-Jan-2007, 12:54
I've had great luck with Photo Warehouse's Fine Grain Positive film, 7mil base, develop by inspection (ortho film) rated EI6 -12 developed in Dekto 1:6, 5 mins. I've had similar success with other lith films and the EI seems to be around 6 or so.


14-Jan-2007, 12:07
Erie, have you had any preference on available ortho films? The box I have is the only kodalith I've sourced, and in the past 6 or so months I haven't seen another. Anyone got a view on ones available in the UK?

erie patsellis
14-Jan-2007, 14:24
Oh, I have bunches here, a little of this and that, I"ve had the best results with:

Valley litho supply VH-4 (~$50 for 100 sheets 8x10) (www.valleylitho.com)

Various Polychrome films, notably CGP (I was given about 800 sheets of 16x20 film, as well as several hundred sheets of smaller sizes)

Photo Warehouse Fine Grain Positive Film ( www.photowarehouse.biz )

AGFA N31P, I have a 40" x 100' roll of it, as well as a few hundred sheets of smaller sizes.

I would thnk that on your side of the pond, there are still (like here) several printing suppliers still serving the "traditional" printing market. Another good source is to contact companies that buy used printing equipment, they usually buy an entire shop, and throw the film away, that's how I've gotten alot of the film I shoot.

a quick shot I took on some lightly fogged CGP ( I need to add some benzo next time I shoot this film) is www.shelbyvilledesign.com/8x10test.jpg

If I can be of any help, let me know