View Full Version : Can a wista take a 75mm?

10-Jan-2007, 10:17
I have a older model wista wood feild 4x5. Currently i use a 90mm SA f/8 and have been very happy with the camera. I have been considering a 75mm lens (mostly a older model 75mm SA f/8 or a Fuji 75mm) b/c there are times when i've wanted to go wider. So first question is, does anybody use a 75mm lens with this particular camera? I am a little concerned b/c with my 90mm SA the camera bed gets in the way when i am using certain movements. I feel this problem will be increased with a 75mm. Second question is, does anybody know of a 6x12 back that can be inserted in to the spring back of the camera, sort of like a film hoder? (mine doesn't have a graflock back so i can't use those nifty chinease 6x12 backs on ebay).

10-Jan-2007, 11:06
Sure. I frequently use a Rodenstock Grandagon N 75mm f/6.8 on my Wista DX (early 80s vintage). You don't get a lot of room for movement due to bellows bunching. But I regularly use a little front or back tilt and sometimes a bit of rise. I have not had issues with the camera bed getting into the view.

10-Jan-2007, 11:26
Thanks sbacon. Mine is the model immediatly before the DX. I have to admit the bed only gets in the way if i am using huge amounts of rise. Ordinarily it's not an issue. I was just worried that with the extra widness of the 75mm it might be a issue.