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peter lagus
10-Jan-2007, 10:15
i recently purchased a used 4x5 sinar F2. it appears to be in excellent condition with the exception that the two horizontal leveling tubes are empty of fluid. i have emailed sinarbron to ask if they have replacement parts and have received no answer. any ideas where else i might obtain these?

or, does anybody know if i can refill these leveling tubes. i thought that i might drill a tiny hole on axis of each tube and add fluid using a syringe. then seal with silastic. has anyone attempted this? if so what fluid do you recommend? water doesn't seem like such a good idea due to the possibility of biological growth.

thanks for any help.

Jerry Flynn
10-Jan-2007, 11:37
I was able to get my local authorized Sinar repair man to replace a level on an 8X10 F1 back. This was last summer, so he was able to get parts then.

He may be able to help you. Try http://www.northwestcamera.com/ (it's in a suburb of St. Paul, MN.)

David A. Goldfarb
10-Jan-2007, 12:18
Sinarbron sometimes takes a few days to get back to e-mail. You could phone them and order them. I was able to order them for my Sinar P.

Neal Shields
10-Jan-2007, 14:01
I had exactly the same problem. Called Sinar, found them extremely helpful and ordered a new level.

While I was waiting I drilled a tiny hole, filled the level and sealed the hole.

It is still working fine, so now I have an extra level in case I need it.

Bruce Osgood
10-Jan-2007, 15:15
While I was waiting I drilled a tiny hole, filled the level and sealed the hole.

What did you fill it with?

10-Jan-2007, 17:33

Call them directly and ask for the Service Department. They'll be able to facilitate the order right away.

I also went the email route and received absolutely NO response from them.

Their telephone number is as follows:



Toll Free: 800.456.0203

Good luck. :)