View Full Version : Diff. between Horseman 450 and LE?

Jeff Green
31-Jul-2000, 13:26
Wondering if anyone knows any differences between the Horseman 450 and the LE? T hey look identical (in pictures), but not having them in hand I can't tell. Anyo ne have experience with a 450 good or bad?

richard in seattle
10-Aug-2000, 11:05
I have the 450 model. the front standard has geared focusing, I am told that the LE has slide focusing. other than that as I recall there is no significant difference.

J Greely
15-Aug-2000, 01:42
I have a 450 with some mild wrinkling in the bellows (improper storage by the previous owner; not enough to intrude into images, but something to keep in mind when you switch to the bag bellows). The LE does not have geared front focus or a geared slide on the tripod block, but they appear to be otherwise identical, which agrees with what I was told by a Horseman rep.

Terrific sturdy camera, with very smooth controls and positive locking (with the possible exception of the friction lock on the swing movements; when I first got it, I failed to tighten that one sufficiently the first few times). I find mine a joy to use, and keep trying to come up with a better way to lug it around outdoors; meanwhile, I can't wait to move into my new house, where I'll have a dedicated studio that I can leave the 450 set up in.