View Full Version : Cooke VII b 82mm f/6.5 (3 1/4)

Matus Kalisky
9-Jan-2007, 09:43
I've just found this lens on the eBay and was wondering whether it would be worth considering even though it is not mounted in a shutter (.. how much that would be ?). It is supposed to cover 4x5 tightly at f16 and with a little room to spare at f32.
Just curious...


Steve Hamley
9-Jan-2007, 18:06
Not much. You'd be better off with a 90mm Angulon in shutter. Shutter mounting will cost about $350 + shutter if not a direct fit, plus aperture scale (about $45). I have a friend with an equivalent Dagor, and it also barely covers 4x5 stopped down. The barrel is the killer - he could pay you to take it and you'd still lose money.