View Full Version : Recommendations for processing labs in the UK

8-Jan-2007, 14:42

Can anyone recommend a good lab in the UK that would process Quickloads/Readyloads (Tmax B&W) and Kodak Portra 160VC colour negatives.

I'm gradually acquiring the gear to set up and process my own. In the meantime a good lab is needed.

Many thanks


Barry Wilkinson
8-Jan-2007, 15:19
Hello Steve,

I can recommend http://www.bpdphotech.com/ for processing. I have only used them personally for E6 processing and Ciba printing but they advertise all other processes. There have always done a great job for me. You can send them sheet film in boxes or quickloads through the post.

However you really should process your own B&W negatives to your requirements.


David Rees
9-Jan-2007, 02:08

I send all my colour film (C41 and E6) to Peak Imaging (http://www.peak-imaging.co.uk). I've been using them for nine years now, and of the hundreds of films they have processed in that time, not one has been damaged, badly processed, or lost. Their prices are reasonable too. Turnaround time is also excellent. They are happy to accept Quickload film for processing, and therefore I'm confident Readyload would also be fine.

As Barry says, home-based B&W processing is the way to go for optimal results. I have sent a few B&W films to Peak Imaging in the past, however, and was very happy with the results.


9-Jan-2007, 02:52
Peak are quite good as a mail order processor. No real issues with them.

Pro2col ( http://www.pro2col-imaging.co.uk/ ) in Manchester are a great Pro lab. Reasonable prices too. They are god enough for BPD to send all their E6 oricessig there...:)
They only do B&W for 2 days a week, but good results, if you don't want to process yourself.

Which lab is best for you depends mainly on where you are located...