View Full Version : 300mm APO Sironar-W Resurrection

Kerry L. Thalmann
8-Jan-2007, 14:30
Those of you shooting 11x14 and 7x17 might be interested to know that Badger Graphic has commisioned a special production run of the twenty units of the Rodenstock 300mm APO-Sironar-W (http://www.badgergraphic.com/store/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=2024). This is an 80 degree lens capable of covering 11x14 or 7x17 with movements. It was discontinued around 1997 or 1998 and is rarely seen on teh used market. It's not small (127mm filter size), it's not ultralight (1610g) and it's not cheap ($4025), but for those who really need this kind of coverage (490mm image circle) in a modern, state-of-the-art multicoated 300mm lens, this is a rare opportunity to buy one of these lenses.


P.S. This is a public service announcement only. I have no financial interest in this item and don't work for either Rodenstock or Badger Graphic. Just passing along some info someone might find useful.

Ted Harris
8-Jan-2007, 17:38
I love the performance of the W series but have no need for a 300. It's also worth noting that Christoph Greiner did the same for the 210 last year and they sold out very quickly.

Kerry L. Thalmann
8-Jan-2007, 17:46
I've always been a big fan of the APO Sironar-W series. That extra 5 - 8 degrees of coverage compared to the standard 72 - 75 degree plasmats can make all the difference in the world. It makes the 150mm much more usable on 5x7 and the 210mm much more usable on 8x10. I've had a 150mm APO Sironar-W for years and picked up a 210mm at the trade show at the LF conference in Rockford last June. While they have the same coverage as the Super Symmar HM series, an APO Sironar-W in the same focal length is much smaller and lighter - and, of course, there was never a 300mm offereing in the Super Symmar HM series.


Oren Grad
8-Jan-2007, 18:14
I didn't realize that Christoph Greiner had done this with the 210. I guess that's the way it's going with high end, special use LF lenses like this - a special run now and then when someone can cobble together enough interest. I'm happy to hear that it's still possible.

At any rate, the 300 W is a wonderful lens in its own way, like the 150 and the 210. It will cover 11x14 or 7x17 nicely at f/22 rather than forcing the use of f/45 or beyond, which brings a wider range of subjects and lighting conditions within reach of the big camera.

Although the price is not cheap, I'm surprised it's as low as it is, given what this lens used to sell for when it was last available new, and what other high-end lenses like the 360 Apo-Sironar-S, 480 Apo-Symmar L, 210 SS-XL and the Fine-Art XXL lenses cost now.