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17-May-2000, 11:48
Anyone out there ever use the Arista film available from FreeStyle Photo? I hav e it on good word that this stuff is manufactured by Ilford and is actually FP4 under a differend brand name.

I'm considering taking some with me to Europe this summer and I'd like to get as many opinions as possible before I buy it.

Thanks for any info. you care to send.


Erik Ryberg
17-May-2000, 12:47

Actually I think there are quite a few posts in the archives on Arista. I am more or less completely convinced that it is FP4 and HP5 and it is not some kind of "second." I have use the 8x10 and several boxes over the years of the 4x5 with nary a problem. Same developing times as the Ilford, same look. Great stuff and really cheap. I quit using the 8x10 because I preferred the Agfa but now that Afga has discontinued it's 8x10 offerings I'm back to Arista when my supply runs out.

17-May-2000, 16:47
Jason -

I've been very pleased with the Arista 400 that I've shot in 8x10 format, and you can't beat the price... go buy some and help keep the brand alive!!

Tony Brent
18-May-2000, 04:04
Ditto on its being a good film and a great price. I have used it in 35mm, 120 and 4x5, all in HC-110 with good results and lots of "zone system" room. If the 4x5 is a bit thinner in the base, the 120 is a little thicker than Kodak, and a bit easier to load onto a Nikkor reel.

Freestyle also has (I think) Arista in color neg and color transp. I may be wrong, but I think I will try some and see what I get. The price is good enough that I can run through a few rolls without breaking the bank.