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Randy Toole
8-Jan-2007, 09:42
Just received my Schneider 90 mm Angulon F 6.8 and cannot figure out how to open and close the diaphram. I assume the round knurled button, adjacient to the shutter speed setting is the device to use. I can move it in and out but it doesn't open or close the lens. Thanks in advance for any help!

Eric Biggerstaff
8-Jan-2007, 09:50
The round button cocks the shutter to fire it. There should be a small sliding lever on the opposite side that will open and close the blades.

8-Jan-2007, 09:52
Compur or Copal shutter?

D. Bryant
8-Jan-2007, 09:52

Sounds like you have a Compur shutter.

Set the shutter to 'B' or 'T'. Cock the shutter and fire it with the cable release and hold the shutter open with the cable release, then press the round button down and back. Release the shutter and it should stay open.

I have to remember to do this when I use my 75 mm SA, but I think this will work.

Don Bryant

8-Jan-2007, 09:54
Some Compur shutters have press pre-view. Look for a rectanglar shaped button next to the cocking lever. Cock the shutter first before pressing the pre-view button.

Randy Toole
8-Jan-2007, 11:14
My lens is a compur. I have tried pushing back the metal button adjacent to the shutter speed setting mark, with shutter set on B and leaving the diaphram open. It makes a click but when I release the shutter release the lens closes back down.......

8-Jan-2007, 11:29

Take a look at this link, http://www.skgrimes.com/compur/slftime/index.htm.

Randy Toole
8-Jan-2007, 13:19
Jason- Thanks for the attatchment. My self timer does work. By the old Schneider Angulon having the self timer, does that mean I don't have a pre-view option? How am I going to see image on ground glass to compose and focus?

8-Jan-2007, 13:45

Use the T or B setting and a cable release.


Randy Toole
9-Jan-2007, 06:12
Jason- I guess that is what I need to do on this lens. Thanks for your assistance!

Patrik Roseen
9-Jan-2007, 06:49
Well, this is what I need to do on my 90mm Angulon, might be something to try.

Cock the shutter.

Push the knurled knob inwards toward the lens plate, while tripping the shutter.

The shutter arm will then stop at the knurled knob.

Gently push the knurled knob outwards again to release the shutter arm completely.

(atleast this is how I remember it...)