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8-Jan-2007, 06:03
I have bought on ebay a Sinar p camera and I have a stupid question (this is my first LF camera). What is the silver rod and the small black knob on the back standard? Do I need some other accessory to load the film cassette? Can I attach directly the Fresnell lens?
Thank you for your answers. I cannot find Sinar p user manual on the web so this is the only possibility how to know it.




Greg Lockrey
8-Jan-2007, 06:23
The small black knob allows you to take the frame off of the standard so that you can go to a larger format and/or put a digital camera on. Looks like you got a nice Sinar P, congratulations!

steve simmons
8-Jan-2007, 06:27
Since you are new to large format and have a Sinar may I suggest you get a copy of the Sinar book on large format. Their cameras have several unique features and their book does the best at explaining them.

steve simmons

Jerry Flynn
8-Jan-2007, 10:51
The other silver rod is the end of the connecting cable from the back to a behind-the-lens Auto Aperture shutter. When you insert a film holder, the cable attached to this causes the shutter to close automatically. It appears thatyou do not have the Auto Aperture shutter, so you can ignore this.

Jerry Flynn
8-Jan-2007, 10:54
I forgot to add that if you get a Sinar fresnel lens, it snaps directly in over the ground glass.

Film holders insert under the ground glass. There is a lifting lever on the back to help open up the back.