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8-Jan-2007, 03:37

I am after a camera for the following needs:

Lenses from 38mm to 180mm

Movements: front rise and fall and shift

69 + 612 + 54 film

As rigid as possible and lightweight

Are the only two options the ebony SW45 and the very similar shen-hao FC45-IIA with bag bellows?
Or are there other options out there i am missing.

I would of course get the ebony in a shot as it fulfills all of my needs exactly but I would also like to know of any other similar options first..and of course the ebony is not cheap and I need two new lenses also!



Bob Salomon
8-Jan-2007, 05:08
Linhof Technika 2000 or 3000 or Technikardan 45S will easily do this.

8-Jan-2007, 16:45
You might also look at the Walker Titan XL in 4x5. See http://www.walkercameras.com/titan-xl-wide-4x5-thumbs.html

David Whistance

Ted Harris
8-Jan-2007, 17:25
An lightweight rail camera w/bag bellows such as the Arca or Toyo VX125 will do in addition to those already mentioned ... also, other fields that take bag bellows shoulf work although I can't speak for any in particular nev er having used a lens wider than 58.

My choice would be the Walker if I regularly needed to go that wide or my Canham T57 with the 45 back and bag bellows (again haven't tried it with a 38 but it should work fine).

Gordon Moat
8-Jan-2007, 18:14
An Arca-Swiss Misura would work. Unfortunately, the cost makes the Ebony look like a bargain.


Gordon Moat
A G Studio (http://www.allgstudio.com)

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9-Jan-2007, 01:49
I have looked at the walkers actually spoke to Mike Walker yesterday..great guy..
The 47xl is fairly similar to the ebony RSW45 so gives the rise I need but no shift at all (also has front swing and tilt)...but a great camera otherwise..and very strong..he told me you can boil it and described the test to me..very entertaining!

He did make a titan wide whcih was similar to the ebony SW45 but no longer made.

Anyway, I really do need the option of shift..not for landscape work..but for interiors / exteriors.

Also am looking for the most rigid camera possible as will be using 38mm lens with roll film so film lens flatness is very important...hence looking at flatbed models which are also light, compact and easy to set up for location (mountain top) work.

There is no 54 camera with rise / fall and shift only..odd!

Will look at the canham series also.

So looking like the ebony SW45 at the moment.

9-Jan-2007, 02:26
What about the Ebony 45s non-folder?

I love mine...

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9-Jan-2007, 03:00
I am looking at the sw over the s because of its more rigid back panel.

Better for me with really wide lenses.


9-Jan-2007, 04:06
QUOTE Lenses from 38mm to 180mm

Movements: front rise and fall and shift

69 + 612 + 54 film

As rigid as possible and lightweight QUOTE

Cambo WideDS:
Lenses from 38mm to 150mm
Front rise and fall; Rear shift
Very rigid and lightweight but dedicated back for 38mm and extenders for longer lenses. Not cheap!


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9-Jan-2007, 04:12
Thanks Kumar,

I have been looking at the cambo wide ds especailly when I was looking for one for use with a db but now looking for film primarily..I can always hire with db if necessay..but it really is prohibitively expensive..mainly the lenses as I need a 38 + 65 + 180(150) set up along with 69 and 612 backs as well as 54 option when necessary.


9-Jan-2007, 04:34

The Wide DS can be used with film upto 5x4 as well. I use it with film and a Betterlight. There was a 35mm Rodenstock lens on eBay recently. If you're not too hung up on the 38mm, the 45mm Rodenstock is a stellar performer.


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9-Jan-2007, 04:55
Hi Kumar,
Whilst i do like the look of the cambo..tried one out and very nice too, I think the cost (of the three lenses as the body is quite well priced), the need for the extension panel for the 150mm..using 150 instead of 180 etc is all a bit of a compromise for my needs (pesoanl art work..landscapes. cityscapes, panoramic projects, some commercial jobs, interiors, exteriors etc)..and very expensive..although it does of course have the great advantage of being rock solid and perfect for hired digital backs but for now I may have to look elsewhere.
I have also been looking at the horseman sw 612P but again a few too many compromies although nice and compact and more lenses available used.

9-Jan-2007, 05:12
I used to have a Linhof Kardan Color - the monorail camera that had the movements of a Technika. If you could get hold of one, and managed to fit a bag bellows, it might work. Mine was well used, but it locked down solid, with no play at all. I regret having sold it :(