View Full Version : 270mm G-claron for 8x10

William Marderness
17-May-2000, 11:35
Has anyone used a 270mm G-claron on 8x10. I currently am using a Fujinon 250mm W f6.7 (398mm image circle) on 8x10, and I want more coverage. I wonder if the lo nger focal length of the 270mm G-claron will give me more coverage, as Schneider understates the coverage of G-claron lenses.

Pete Andrews
17-May-2000, 12:29
If you can find a Konica Hexanon GRII wide field copy lens they have amazing coverage, about 90 degrees at f/22. I've seen them in 150, 210, and 300mm focal lengths, but in barrel mount only. The 300mm is one huge piece of glass.

Michael Klayman
17-May-2000, 13:14
The G-Claron 270 has a 335mm image circle, so it will cover 8x10.

Michael Klayman
17-May-2000, 13:19
In re-reading the question, I see that although the G-Claron covers 8x10, it doesn't actually have MORE coverage than the Fujinon lens.

neil poulsen
18-May-2000, 09:21
If I may add to this question . . .

Does anyone know about a 270 G-Claron WF? (Wide field.) I saw one recently in a barrel mount. Is this lens intended as a reporduction lens like it's cousin, the G-Claron? How does it work at infinity? What is the image circle?