View Full Version : Washing 5 x 7" and 8 x 10" sheet film

Colin Myers
7-Jan-2007, 03:30
I am still exploring the best means of safely washing the above sizes of sheet films.
Having looked carefully at the current proprietary offerings, the Paterson Auto Print Washer looked as if it might fit the bill, despite being designed for washing paper.
Very small footprint, uses relatively small amounts of water, might wash up to 12 @ 8 x 10" sheets or 24 @ 5 x 7" sheets if it works well.
I then looked back over old threads and found one from Tim Atherton, May 10th, last year. who was using this system.
Tim, are you still using the Paterson Auto Print Washer ? If so I would welcome your further thoughts on this product.
Colin Myers

C. D. Keth
7-Jan-2007, 11:10
I've always washed about 10 sheets at a time in a tray, with a hose of fresh water running into it to constantly refresh the bath. I've never had problems.

Colin Myers
7-Jan-2007, 11:35
Thanks for the advice.
I have small darkroom with very small sink area and am trying to come up with something a lttle more ecoconscious, using the minimum amount of water.

Michael Kadillak
7-Jan-2007, 16:28
I no longer allow any of my sheet film to be subject to the Kodak Tray siphon. Use this piece of equipment as it was designed - for prints.

Best solution for effectively washing all sheet film is the Alister Inglis film washer. I had Alistair make me an 8x20 washer that I can use for both prints and films and it works great. The 5x7 and the 8x10 sheet film washer is small, lightweight and is dedicated for film only. He has a web site and I highly recommend his products.

There is nothing like using the correct tool for the job.


Colin Myers
8-Jan-2007, 10:25
Thanks Michael, I will check that out

Ken Lee
8-Jan-2007, 10:46
On the low-budget/low-environmental-impact side, there is always the Dishrack Film Washer (http://www.kennethleegallery.com/html/tech/dishrack.php), available almost anywhere.