View Full Version : Long Bellows for Wista SP

brian steinberger
5-Jan-2007, 17:52
I have a Wista SP now and would like to add the longer bellows to my camera to take advantage of longer lenses. My questions are, with the standard rails, what is the longest lens that you can usewith the longer bellows? And also, what is the widest lens you can use with the longer bellows?


Robert Ley
5-Jan-2007, 20:30
AFAIK the long bellows is used with an extension rail that attaches to the bed of, or replaces the bed of the SP. I don't believe that it is a huge job as the bag bellows is easy enough to change and should be easily accomplished in field. I believe that the extension bellows comes in two flavors- 600mm and 900mm. I can't say how sturdy the extension rail is as I have never used it, but the standard rail is pretty sturdy even at max extension. As to longest and shortest, maybe Bob Saloman can chime in.