View Full Version : 8x20, what FB paper?

Hugo Zhang
4-Jan-2007, 13:01
It seems that the new Azo paper is still a few months away. I have two 8x20 negatives which don't want to wait that long. So far, my experience with FB paper is limited to Azo and Ilford Variable Grade. Any other recommendations? The pictures were taken in late afternoon. 30 seconds exposure. Rivers and trees. Low contrast and minus development.

What are those cooltone, warmtone stuff?


domenico Foschi
4-Jan-2007, 21:55
Hi Hugo!
If you like Ilford and want to try a warmtone try Ilford again.
By my experience is a beautiful paper, I use Platinum II developer from edwal and Hopefully I will keep using that combo if they keep producing the two.Where did you go shooting?

John Kasaian
4-Jan-2007, 23:19
Freestyle has Arista Classic FB, grade 2 glossy in 16x20. If this is the same Arista Classic I'm using (I bought a box pre Arista.edu era) is would be Ilford Galerie. If it is it should work nicely for you if you don't mind cutting it lengthwise to size. It wouldn't hurt to ask. You might also consider Forte Fortezo or Kentmere's offerings.

Cool tone/ warm tone? How do you see the final print? I prefer neutral tones (I guess I can't make up my mind!)

Hugo Zhang
5-Jan-2007, 08:55
I took a short detour to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park, part of my long ski trip with my son for the Christmas in Utah. Got some nice negatives. Check your email.


Thanks for the tip. I may just stay with Ilford neutral then. There are just so many choices, confusing.