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eric black
4-Jan-2007, 08:04
A long time 4x5 shooter and I didnt even know this site existed until I was doing a typical web search trying desperately to find a lens for an upcoming shoot. Glad I found it- now I have yet another outlet for my lack of spare time. My wife and I just moved away from Charlottesville, VA to Frederick, MD so if anybody has any input on what there is to shoot in or near the Catoctin Mountains up here, let me know- Im a bit sad to be leaving a location just outside of Shenandoah NP that I lived near and shot for almost 10 years- the mountains up here seem a bit on the short side- anybody have any ideas? Hope everybody is having a great start to the new year.

Ralph Barker
4-Jan-2007, 08:06
Welcome to the LF Forum, Eric. Nice to have you join us.

4-Jan-2007, 10:32
Hi Eric, welcome from Hawaii.

4-Jan-2007, 21:03
Hello Eric,

Can't help you with a shooting location but... welcome to the forum.

And, a Happy New Years to you too! :)


Kirk Gittings
4-Jan-2007, 21:41
My brother used to live in Fredrick and now lives in Mt. Airey. He might be able to help. I will email you off line.

Uri Kolet
5-Jan-2007, 01:06
Welcome, Eric, from the Canadian Rockies, and a Happy New Year to you.Cheers,Uri.

John Kasaian
5-Jan-2007, 20:08
Welcome Eric, from the middle of California. How about shooting the Chesep...Cheaseypu...Chessypi....that big bay over there?

C. D. Keth
6-Jan-2007, 21:11
I have family in Cumberland. Rockey Gap State park is quite nice. I haven't explored it in depth but it might be interesting. Cumberlnd is an interesting old industrial town with some good places around. Just take some day drives and see what you find :)

dominikus bw
7-Jan-2007, 19:51
welcome to the forum Eric,
but i'm sorry i have no ideas cos i live miles away from you, i'm in Indonesia...:D
just go out & shoots...

Ron Marshall
7-Jan-2007, 21:14
Welcome to the forum Eric. I have long wanted to shoot in Shenandoah. Perhaps this year.

18-Jan-2007, 21:48
Hello and welcome from the Left Coast!