View Full Version : 300mm lens that has rear thread??

3-Jan-2007, 23:21
I am after a 300mm lens but can;t afford to buy a range of huge filters. Does anyone know if any of the older 300mm lenses have rear threads for smaller filters? I know the new Schneider APO-L does but can't afford a new one. Anyone have the APO version 1? If so, does this have a rear thread...?

John Kasaian
3-Jan-2007, 23:31
The Lee rubber band thingy works with 4"x4" polyester filters. If you aren't already committed to a filter system it might be worth looking into.
OTOH, If you can swing a 300 Nikkor "M" you can use the filters off your old Nikon 35mmSLR.

Enrico Faini
4-Jan-2007, 01:49
the lee gel snap is not very practical
if you want to use gel filters I'd reccomand frame mounted gels in a standard lee holder

Keith Pitman
4-Jan-2007, 10:23
The Nikkor M 300 uses 52 mm front filters. Nice smallish lens in a #1 shutter at about 2/3 pound. Very common to find used in fine condition.