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Paul Gill
3-Jan-2007, 08:58
I am new to the Form, have shot large format nature/landscape "only" for a decade now, and have been published in Natures Best, Arizona Highways, and hundreds of calendars and postcards but still can't make a living wage at it, is it true only the top 1% landscape photographers can make a six figure income and top 5% a living wage? just wanted some feed back. Paul Gill, paulgillphoto.com

Ralph Barker
3-Jan-2007, 09:12
Hi Paul. Welcome to the LF Forum.

3-Jan-2007, 10:33
Hi Paul, welcome from Hawaii.

I'm sorry I don't have any answers to your question. Where I live, we only have a couple of photographers that make a living at it full time, and one of them produces only "crap" (sorry, but look at his work and you will agree with me), but his work has been printed in hundreds of books, calendars, etc. It is more about marketing than skill, sometimes.

steve simmons
3-Jan-2007, 11:21
We are always looking for work to review for View Camera. Our submission guidelines are on our web page


It sounds like you must do pretty good work.


steve simmons

Kirk Gittings
3-Jan-2007, 12:21
Welcome Paul,

With the exception of David Muench, all of the landscape photographers that I personally know supplement their stock landscape photography with print sales, commercial work, teaching workshops, self publishing etc.

Nice work by the way.

Paul Gill
3-Jan-2007, 14:13
Hi Steve, I get View Camera off and on for the past 5 years. I have a few potfolio and article ideas can I send them to you. Paul

steve simmons
3-Jan-2007, 14:17
Yes, our submission guidelines are on our web page



Paul Gill
3-Jan-2007, 14:33
Hi Kirk, Thanks. Great work and web site. "you can market your work". No stock agencies wants landscape they have all they need except royalty free which I won't do, I am one of the top sellers at the Image store and galleries but overhead & commisions takes most of it, I run workshops for David Muench, Jack Dykinga and myself but only small profit from it. I would like to self publish but have a hard time with distrabution. That leaves comercial work, kind of lost on how to start. Thanks for the email Kirk after reading this I think I need to start with a better attitude.

3-Jan-2007, 21:02
Hello Paul,

Welcome to the forum... from Vancouver, BC in Canada! :)


John Kasaian
3-Jan-2007, 23:25
Welcome aboard!