View Full Version : loading a 545i

Joseph Wasko
15-May-2000, 21:24
I have a 550 film holder, and I don't like it. It is problematic with roller pre ssure and there is consistent waste with the film packs. I think I would be bett er off with a Polaroid sheet film setup. Question- Does the 545i need to be loaded in darkness? Can an individual sheet b e taken into the field and loaded into the holder in daylight? How do you load t he 545i? Thanks, any help appreciated.

Chris Hawkins
15-May-2000, 22:06
The 545i is loaded in daylight. Individual sheets can be taken into the field and loaded in daylight. The instructions for loading a 545i are included with the holder and also available online. It is easy to do.

Joseph Wasko
16-May-2000, 22:30
Thanks Chris. I think that this is the route I will take. The online instructions seem to be clear enough,