View Full Version : Hi.. I am looking for a good portrait lens for my 4*5. Inexspensive please (210mm)

xaviera simmons
2-Jan-2007, 18:39
Hi. I am new to the forum. I am looking for a good, used 210 lens for my 4*5 camera..(it's a calumet monorail).. anyone selling??

thank you


Vick Vickery
2-Jan-2007, 19:31
If you really want an inexpensive portrait lens for your 4x5, try a minus lens over your normal lens...if you're using a 135mm, a -3 lens will make your focal length about 200mm; if you have a 150mm, you get about 220mm. You can go to a -3 lens for 225mm and 270mm. You might loose a little critical sharpness, but in a portrait lens, thats not a bad thing! Remember to adjust for the bellows factor when computing your exposure.

Mike Kovacs
3-Jan-2007, 10:48
Look for a 210/5.6 convertible Schneider Symmar. Cheap is relative but I paid $100 for mine on ebay. It has oodles of coverage, tack sharp, gives a nice bright image on the ground glass.

Plus it converts to a 370/12 lens by removing the front element. Seems to give nice results in that mode too, though not as sharp as at 210.

Steve Hamley
3-Jan-2007, 11:23
I'd suggest calling Jim at Midwest Photo Exchange or Jeff Wheeler at Quality Camera. Either should be able to fix you up at a reasonable price.


3-Jan-2007, 14:35
1. Wollensak 12" Velostigmat, with or without the front ring -- you can get them in Betax shutters.
2. Any brass lens -- good ones are inexpensive. Go for a petzval type if available. You may have to make waterhouse inserts, and will probably have to flip a card (no shutter).
3. Wollensak Veritar -- comes in an Alphax 4.

Eric Rose
3-Jan-2007, 14:44
Get yourself a Rodenstock 210mm Geronar lens. Real cheap and nice out of focus effects for background etc. Tessar design lens.

Dan Fromm
3-Jan-2007, 15:11
Get yourself a Rodenstock 210mm Geronar lens. Real cheap and nice out of focus effects for background etc. Tessar design lens.Not that it matters at all, but the Geronar is a triplet.

Paul Fitzgerald
4-Jan-2007, 20:58
xaviera simmons,

Voigtlander Heliar 210/4.5, a nice one in modern shutter won't be cheap.
Wollensak Raptar 190/4.5, a nice one in flash synched Alphax will be cheap. You could also look for a 210/4.5 or 241/4.5. Condition is everything with used lens.

Just a thought.

Jim Galli
4-Jan-2007, 21:35
The Cambo is gone, but I still have the 190mm f4.5 Kodak Ektar (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=21418). Wide open this Kodak lens has a superb smooth / sharp thing going. The poor man's Heliar. (It's actually a tessar but the look is very similar)