View Full Version : 210mm Computar symmetrigon question

2-Jan-2007, 13:31
I have this lens. Just wondering if it's multicoated. It came with a massive lens hood which i hardly use b/c most of the time i am using square filters (and its big and bulky). Information on this lens is fairly scarce aside from the fact that it's pretty good, which i agree to. I haven't run in to any issues yet but i haven't used it enough. Wondering if i should completly replace it with my new fuji 240A lens.

Jay Wolfe
2-Jan-2007, 13:56
It will depend slightly on which one you have. Both are listed here:


2-Jan-2007, 14:01
I don't know anything about that lens, but I covet it because it has the best name ever.

2-Jan-2007, 14:13
Mine is the f/6.3 version. Not the computar f/9 which seems to have enormous coverage and i think is only single coated. Thanks for the link though.

Jim Noel
2-Jan-2007, 14:24
I bought the f 6.3 version when it firsat came out.

Sadly, I traded it for a Fujinon W after several years because of the size difference. I wish I had never done that.

The Symmetrigon was marvelous. It had termendous covering power as it covered 8x10 with plenty of movements, It was ultra sharp and the large sunshade did its job well.

I wish I still had it.