View Full Version : wrinkles in RC prints for the exchange!

2-Jan-2007, 10:19
So I finally finished printing up a whole whack of photos for the LF print exchange. however there's been a darkroom disaster.. the prints have become a bit warped (in RC no less) due to a bit of excessive soaking in water. Any way of ironing them out without adhesive? Do you folks who are doing the exchange mind if my prints are a bit wombly?

that being said my darkroom is fairly new. and I'm having all kinds of funny problems.. I put fix and various photographic chemicals into a big aluminium drum for disposal, without thinking about it, and the chemicals (fix, mainly).. promptly ate a hole through the drum. Guess I should have reviewed my chemistry...


Jon Shiu
2-Jan-2007, 11:55
Hi, I once left some 11x14 RC prints in the wash overnight. I was never able to cure the waves in the prints permanently, except by dry mounting.