View Full Version : Kodelon

1-Jan-2007, 19:13
Could some one explain what this item is I have came across.

Colin Graham
1-Jan-2007, 20:38
Developing agent, it's used in rodinal if I remember correctly, this is just Kodak's trade name for para-aminophenol hydrochloride.

Jim Galli
1-Jan-2007, 21:32
Elon was Kodaks name for metol iirc. Probably still useable although corks to breathe a bit.

tim atherton
1-Jan-2007, 21:42
just google it - plenty of info there

I'm no chemist, but:

paraminophenol hemioxalate?

used in Kodak D-13 developer for one

4-Jan-2007, 16:19
Thanks to all that answered, mayhaps it can stilll be used the cork is covered with a wax seal.